Top 5 dating applications

Top 5 dating applications


Dating application are a norm today. Speaking to people of age between 21 and 35 can very much explain the importance of dating applications in their lives. It has become a mainstream way to meet new people through online means and ask them out later.

Such applications are flooding the market. This has made it difficult for users to choose the best amongst all. Here are some of the best dating applications that have something unique to offer. From accessibility to diversity, these apps have got it all.

1. Tinder

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Tinder is one of the most popular dating applications in the market. It has been highly successful in formation of long-distance relationships. It has played a major role in changing the concept of dating.

The application required you to be over 18. It allows you to link the profile with other social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram. Moreover, it has one of the best user interfaces making it a simpler experience for the users. In fact, it has by far the best usability in all senses.

2. Hinge

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If you are more interest in things like ‘sexlog funciona’, Hinge is the right application. Even it resembles to Tinder, there are several differences. The interface is more inclined to Tinder while functionality resembles to Facebook. However, users are limited only to add photos from Facebook or Instagram. This can be a negative point for users who are not active on either platform. In a nutshell, Hinge is an absolute dating application in the current market trends.

3. Ok Cupid

It is one of the few applications that doesn’t require Facebook to sign up. A username is created and a long profile is to be filled out. This can be linked to Instagram account as well. Questions are to be answered which would then create a match for you. A percentile score for user is created which will be a reflection of the user’s compatibility. However, there is one major downside, user interface is too clunky.

4. Tastebuds

This is an application only available for iOS users. It uses musical taste to figure out your compatibility. Once a profile has been created, individual profiles can be stalked to view all the information user has provided. You can either like the person or skip the profile. It has a clean and simple interface making the overall experience an enjoyable one. The musical touch is a unique one which users will not find in other dating applications.

5. Match

As the name speaks for itself, application is designed to match different individuals. It requires the user to sign-up through a lengthy process. Photos are to be added and some questions regarding gender preferences are to be answered.

This application has a minimalist interface, however, it is not as easy as it seems. This is one of the drawbacks that makes it a bit complicated usage. However, from a general perspective, it is considered one of the best to feature it to the top 5.

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